Spiral wound gasket is considered as one of the most reliable sealing element for using in the difficult times, or in any type of critical situations. You will find these particular types of gaskets in refinery, chemical steam lines, petrochemicals and many other places. They are manufactured to international specifications known as ASME, BS, and DIN etc. they are also responsible in making machine components.

As they are made of such facility, they are perfect for the fluctuating of the bolt loads. The sealing strips and the fillers that are used in it are made of graphite material, although if you want, you can use other materials like Teflon. If you want this particular type of gasket to work, you should keep one thing in mind that the spiral should not be compressed. For this particular reason, one among the two types of compression control is generally used.

The spiral wound gasket is fitted into the ring made of the steel materials that are made of specific thickness. When the gasket is fitted into flange and if the bolt is applied, you will see that the closure is ruled by the outer steel ring present in the gasket. If you want to increase the rating of the gasket, you can add a steel ring inside it. If you add a steel ring inside, then it will lead in protection of the windings from attack, contamination etc. Always keep in mind that the second compression is not fitted inside at all but are joined into the flange. They are known as unsupported wound gaskets. There are different types of gaskets available in the market. All of them look different and are used for different purposes also. You will find many manufacturing industries that are involved in making these types of gaskets.